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Why snootik+ desktop software?
  • It's a modern and easy-to-use vet software.
  • It saves your time.
  • The software helps you stay connected with your clients.
  • It's the only software connected with snootik mobile app.
  • You will both save and earn money.
  • You'll have a direct connection with suppliers.
  • You'll have a direct connection with labs.
  • You can communicate with your colleagues or other vets.
  • It offers an interactive and transparent calendar.
  • It's completely FREE.
Animal listDashboard
Pet profilePets list
Client Records

The software makes it easy to manage client profiles and their animals, health records, and test results.

Connection with your clients

Linking the mobile application of your client with your veterinary software snootik + ensures seamless communication with clients, alerting them to dates of necessary vaccinations, scheduled appointments and much more.

Client profileRecord Detail
Interactive calendar

The interactive calendar allows you to make time slots available for clients to sign up for through the mobile app. You will receive a notification that a client has requestted a certain time slot that you can confirm or reject.

We are preparing

Interactive storage managment

The warehouse offers a set of boundary levels of inventory. Program will notify you of items that are running low and will also allow you to order them from the...

Connection with labs

Being linked with laboratories will allow vets to automatically generate a test request fill it out within the software and then update the results to a specifi...


Thanks to private messages you can communiacte with colleagues within your clinic or others that use snootik + as well as clients and service providers.

Forum for vets

Have a problem you can not solve or perhaps a new way of healing a specific illness? Share your thoughts with other veterinarians through our forum.