Get your pets electronic health records and find them new friends

Unique mobile application

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Why snootik mobile app?
  • You always have your pet's health records with you in your smartphone
  • You are always connected with your vet
  • You'll no longer forget important dates at your vet
  • You'll stay connected with your friends and you'll be able to find new ones
  • Share photos from your pets' lifes and follow their pet friends
  • The easiest access to the wide range of verified services for pets (hotels, salons or pet trainers)
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Pets listPet profile
Be active and join the community
  • Create your pet's profile. It'll become a true member of the family.
  • Connect your pet's profile with a vet. Achieve an overview of it's health status and a complete health records history.
  • Browse the services and and grant your pet some grooming, a stay at a hotel or sign him up for a training.
  • Share the experiences of your pet with your friends and make your pet become a social network star.
Electronic Health Records for pets
    Thanks to the connection with the snootik + veterinary software, you will now have all the health records of your pet on your mobile phone at all times.
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Interactive calendar
    Thanks to this calendar you'll be able to schedule an appoinment with your vet, with a pet salon, with a pet trainer or reserve a stay at a pet hotel. The calendar will even remind you when the scheduled dates are approaching.

Here is what we are currently preparing for you:


Thanks to direct messages you'll be able to communicate with the other pet owners, but also with a vet or pet service providers.

Specialized e-shop

We know, what pet do you have and thanks to this knowledge we'll offer you the option to filter out the products, that suit your pet's needs the best.

Finding new friends

Through the user or pet filter you'll be able to find new friends that match the certain criteria.

Shelter pets adoption

In cooperation with shelters in the whole Slovakia we are preparing an option of classic or virtual adoption directly through the snootik mobile app.